Thursday, May 26, 2016

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes (Book)

26/100 of #100bookpact

Me Before You

Read its review and was told that the movie based on it is releasing on June first week - So I had to pick it up as I love anything which has got anything to do with "Romance". And ofcourse I would love to compare as well as see those characters (read awesome) come alive on big screen. Although the book has that "been there done that" feel to it as already too many movies (at least 3) I have already seen on the same subject from different part of the world - this one is no different. I would say not bad at all but no different either. I loved the protagonist as he is totally like me - there is this one time he offers Lou to read a book and she says "its not something I would like reading" and he replies "Challenge yourself" - that is something I have done so many times (with myself) and I indeed got the book he offers her as my next - LOL. Story of a quadriplegic and his daily companion n caregiver. I will always (always) call it a good book (if not great) if it gives me a couple of smiles, a lump in the throat and makes my eyes go wet at times all at the same time then it becomes very good. This is again one of those few books or story where you the reader want to change it course but are helpless with the turns it makes - makes up for an awesome read specially when you want something to happen and it happens all the way opposite. I have (read had) high hopes with this one as I already read somewhere that it has a sequel too hence a positive ending predicted.

If you are a hardcore romantic (which I know I am) - its a tuff read as you want to swim against the tide and unfortunately have no control over the narrative but what a perfect ending - totally loved it. Want to pick up the sequel now but will only read it after the movie releases as I want to see those awesome characters alive once before going ahead with the story.

Do not miss this.
Do read.
You will love it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tamasha in Bandargaon - Navneet Jagannathan (Book)

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Tamasha in Bandargaon

Another book by an Indian Author with which I had high hopes as it came recommended by a very good friend who himself is a hitech Literary guy - if you know what I mean. Gotta read his review if he himself liked it as he gifted it to me a while back and I finished it today - again dashing all my hopes from the current crop of writers. Although it did give me that feeling that the writer is a definitely a Hrishikesh Mukherjee fan as its a very simple story based on the suburbs of Mumbai with real life characters and he actually does justice to all of them by the time it ends. Nothing very exciting, thirlling or comical but yes, it didnt either disappointed me as well. Story revolved around a couple of main characters like an MLA who wants to make it big in politics but whose luck revolves around a misprinted two rupee currency note and how it helps him is the only silver lining in this otherwise doomed story. Another good character is a maids daughter who wants to elope with her good for nothing boy friend who manages a illegal gambling den. One good thing that I liked about this book is its based on an area where I lived almost a decade myself (Not very far from it actually) and could very well gel with the description provided. This can be called a nice book for a long train journey written in small chapters with a little twist here and a little turn there, will not recommend it very highly but still makes up for a quick easy reading. Am I going to read another from the same writer? Naay. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche (Book)

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

After reading Fiction, Romance, Biography, Nonsence and what Not - I thought - Why not philosophy and got couple of good ones including this one. Its a kind of an eye opener written in not so reader friendly manner but in quotable qutoes style. Still, those wonderful lines as told by Zarathustra (Via Friedrich Nietzsche) are too good - totally amazing stuff and it makes so much sense even when it isnt translated so well and written close to 100+ years ago. Zarathustra's journey to an unknown land with a few of his followers - his tete a tete with them, his life in a cave up above the mountains with his animals (Favorites being a Serpent and an Eagle). It is full of such simple theories and his proverbs that I had read almost all of them somewhere or the other and there is no way that I couldnt agree with them - but the big question that remained was - Do we follow them? More then that - its format kept me taking back in time almost a 1000 years BC and imagine how it would be for the man to sit with the kings, followers, animals in a cave with harmony and teach them such deep lessons which didnt make sense to them and they all argued / laughed / countered him. This is going to be one of those few books that I would love to re read once at least a couple of years as it has so much to learn from. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens (Book)

23/100 #100bookpact

Great Expectations

After reading "A Tale of Two Cities" I wasn't so impressed by his writing rather found it boring - this one was referred by friends and picked it up instantly after reading not so great literature from their Indian counterparts - and VOILA, What an amazing story this one turns out to be. The story as conveyed by its hero "Pip" right from the childhood - I loved his imagination and the way its told, Superb! Although I did watch a Hindi movie in between based on the same book which too left me quite impressed with the story and its handling. His growing up, journey to London and the city as it was 100s of years or more ago - supremely explained. What I like most about these classics is the way they are written - simply as two people will talk in not so correct grammar specially the way some words are spoken / spelt may be incorrect but they make perfect sense and more then that they do put a smile on readers face again and again. I seriously now know why they have such a huge fan following that I am too inclined to pick up Shakespeare after this - I need to relive his writings so much more now.

Half the way - I was (and still am) so much in love with the character of Pip and Estella that I was afraid to end it. This is one of those very few books that I wished would never end - it is indeed so beautifully written (read narrated) that its hard to let go, dunno how and what happens in the end so far. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Devil in Pinstripes - Ravi Subramanian (Book)

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Devil in Pinstripes

A very close friend shared a couple of books with me a while ago and I just cudnt keep a book in my book rack Unread :) - hence picked it up this weekend and found it to be a breeze. Pace is nice, background is of a MNC Bank and its sister concern - what happens is exactly what we all do in our corporate lives. Dog eat Dog world with that background and our protagonists married life going for a toss is all it talks about. After reading Chetan Bhagat (I mean if you can read him and like) its very easy to read any other Indian writer as they all (almost all) are writing books on which they presume a movie will be made shortly, hence it feels like you are already watching an unmade movie. You simply cant call this a Literature but yes you can live with it on a train journey and dump the book by the time its over. Would not recommend it very highly but it aint that bad either. Yes, it does gives a glimpse of how the banking industry works in our part of the world but somewhere it gives you that been there done that feel. 

Friday, May 06, 2016

The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Book)

21/100 #100bookpact

The Idiot

Just finished one of my first Russian novels that I read in a decade or may be longer and am I impressed? WOW!! I have no words to explain - I guess this is exactly what I loved about Russian Literature back then when I was in school that everytime they have that Russian book fair - I and my mom will pick up loads of books at throw away prices and gorge on them throughout the year. I specially love their sincere simplicity the way they tell a story which will prbably be stretched in great details (913 pages to be precise) but still it will keep the reader hooked to it. Although this one is definitely the first one that I read of Dostoyevsky and I am touched the way he connects with his readers - you would know what I am talking here if you have read this or any of his works. He actually stops and explains the whole situation as if convincing the reader that there is no other better way to handle his own story. It actually kept me thinking as if hew knew his readers in advance - this is a sort of a first I ever felt reading any of anyone's books. I am gonna get a couple of more of his works to see if he did that all the time. And what can I say about those lovely characters - totally love the russian names i.e. the Hero Lef Nicolaivietch or his love interest Nastasia Philippovna - you see those are some interesting names, and how they criss cross each others lives is an amazing read.

If you havent read this - you've got to read it without fail. Totally loved it. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Krishna Key - Ashwin Sanghi (Book)

The Krishna Key

20/100 of #100bookpact

I will call it a perfect edge of the seat thriller. The third from the writer and it is the best if I have to make a comparison with his earlier works. In his first book he takes us on a never told journey of Jesus Christ whereas the second one was based on the life of king maker Chanakya. I totally loved the way he has mixed mythology with history especially in today's time with the major track based on the current time. Althoug the ending didnt work for me (at all) but still I will be all praises as the book is hooking never gets predictable and keeps one engrossed. Plus its not entirely wrong to compare him with the likes of Dan Brown - I can say that after his third book and its too good the way he puts his point across - one is needed to use his own brain to understand his point of view which is although explained in a very simple subtle manner but intelligently. Finished it in flat three days as its another unputdownable book. Go ahead read it up as its a breeze and it revives our memory of the Epic war of Mahabharata.