Monday, June 30, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - Action

WOW! What a blunder this one is - I just don’t get this that why the quality of sequels keeps going downhill with almost every sequel they make in today’s time? When the first of the series came – I was totally in love with a lot of things about that one – first being the way robots turned into cars and vice versa, second was of course the hawtie Megan Fox, third Shia LaBeouf’s vulnerability and excellent character portrayal. Second part took everything one notch higher (This was a first for any movies sequel for me) and damn! Megan was even hotter in second part and they had shown greater attention to details in transforming the robots into cars n trucks plus superb action sequences plus Josh Duhamel as bonus. Third of the series was just about ok for me – a good time pass of course but the downhill journey for Transformers started with this one and unfortunately Megan Fox too was gone by now. Then came the fourth part - Although initially I was excited about one of my favorite actors (Mark Wahlberg) being the part of the series now onwards but oh my god - I was shocked to see the character he plays (“Dad” that too of a not so hot chick). From what angle he looks like her dad? C’mon Michael Bay – Dude he looks more like an elder brother at max. And what was with the never ending action sequences? Running time close to 165 minutes was another turn off. Unfortunately I never read reviews before watching a movie so had no idea as to how long it’s gonna last after the half way mark and had a can of Pepsi mid ways (thanks Akkiba) – that played a spoilsport as my bladder was bursting by the time it ended as it took them close to hour and a half or may be more to end the final action sequence. The hugest plusses of this part were of course Mark for one and Stanley Tucci for two – totally loved his character – was a big surprise to me as I had no idea of him being a part of this movie. Mindblowing action sequences (unfortunately too long) but attention to detail and camera work is simply outstandingly superb. This one as far as cinematography is concerned – I will call it the best of the franchisee so far – too good. It’s a must watch for Transformer franchisee lovers and simply can’t be ignored but I will give it a below average 2.5/5 for offering nothing new and the very usual story. Hope that changes with the remaining two part of the new trilogy they have started with Mark in lead. Do not miss it but do visit the washroom in break without fail.