Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ram Leela (2013) - Drama

I am unfortunately one of those guys who actually admire people like SLB for their self indulgent movies and subjects that they pick up and give it their own touch (So far). Now with this one I must say he has actually taken a revenge of sorts from his critics and told them that “See I will make a disaster in the name of a movie and yet will hit the jackpot this time (Read 100 crores)” and Bravo! What a movie he has made this time which pleases all and satisfies none, still he has  hit the nail on the head and figures are doing all the talking now.
I absolutely never expect SLB to make a mindless movie where his audience is supposed to leave their brain behind but where the heck does that happens in India? The India that he has showin in this movie? Where they sell guns like toys on road and people shoot each other at drop of a hat?? And Girls like Deepika - daughter of a Don fall in love at first sight that too with a guy like Ranveer and do all that in the very first meeting? WOW. How did we miss those girls in our life? if this has to do anything with reality.
I am sincerely waiting for Narendra Modi (CM of Gujarat and upcoming PM of India) to see this movie and react – he will die of shock I am sure. The only people enjoying this movie will be Guajarati’s I guess with that thick laughable way everyone talks in it. And I haven’t heard of this kindda underworld anywhere - what was their source of Income? Govt Contracts and all? And who was working on them while they were busy making out and shooting each other in spare time? OK I guess I should have loved the Colors, Canvas, Huge sets etc only and music i guess? In that case I should be hooked to Discovery, Nat Geo , VH1 and MTV more. It wasn’t a timepass entertainer as per me, neither a love story, nor a underworld ki kahani, neither it has any message for crowd or was it showing the real society as in time? I don’t know what that was?
Anyways, it turns out to be first confusing movie of one of my favorite Directors which leaves me royally confused. And I am sure it must be putting guys like Quentin Tarantino, Vishal Bhardwaj and Anurag Kashyap to shame – as he has achieved what they could never dream of. I will give it a good 2/5, One for its dialogues and second for interactions between Ranveer / Supriya and Deepika.