Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013) - Comedy

Another light hearted comedy which may not rock you off your chair but still impresses you big time and is a kind of a breeze with hardly 100 minutes of running time. A total roller coaster ride with two young guns and their story of one quick ride to impress the girl friend gone awfully wrong. In the backdrop of a typical Punjabi family wedding going on – makes up for a superb time pass movie. Co-incidentally we had a better connect with the movie as the Maruti Ertiga – the one that they buy and it vanishes in no time is actually going to be our next car – booked a few months ago – should be delivered any day now. Maruti has done a perfect advertisement of the car through this movie and what a way to show off all of its good features as the movie progresses. It’s an out and out comedy and kudos to the young generation stars – they all almost play their part to perfection and never bore you for a moment. Ram Kapoor is too good as the father and unfortunately Ravi Kishen is wasted big time as the mechanic cum goon who deals in stolen cars. Saquib Saleem as the protagonist is too good, Rhea Chakraborty as his girl friend Jazzleen is cute and so is his side kick, Prabal Panjabi who kept reminding me of a Veer Dass. It’s a movie that you won’t remember for a long time but will surely have a good time watching it. My ratings – a good 2.5/5 with two thumbs up, movies like this should be encouraged. Go for it – you will like it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chopper (2000) - Crime Thriller (Biography)

Somehow I missed it earlier but couldn’t miss it any long after I was told that the title character of Mark Brandon “Chopper” was played by Eric Bana. I could never imagine him in that kind of a character as he is too cute, sensible, serious and fragile looking guy – how would he fare as a criminal killer was beyond me. Boy O Boy – I was surely in for a super surprise – what a fantastic movie it turns out to be especially for those who love Blood n Gory movie about killers who love killing people for no rhyme or reason on top of that the punch line of the movie is “I never killed anyone that didn’t deserve it”. It’s based on the autobiographical novel by Mark Brandon Chopper himself, who I guess became a bestseller novelist behind the bars. This movie is all about his histrionics in the Australian underworld, his experiences of in and out of jail since he was 16. How he becomes a leader, makes his own gang, gets back stabbed and kills anybody and everybody having issues with him. Rocking is the way how they have made this one and Eric Bana is super in the lead character – he actually gets into the skin of the character and actually looks totally like the real Chopper. His body language, accent, the way he talks, laughs, stabs and gets stabbed is out of this world. The movie actually has a great shocking value and it indeed made me jump couple of times on my chair. It has its own comic timings too and it’s too good to see him doing all of that and being proud of it too. The way he interviews with TV people and proudly watches it with cops in his cell at the end of the movie is truly awesome. If you like thrillers and crime movies – you must see this as this is one of the very best from the genre. Totally amazing job and I will definitely rate it a damn good 4/5 with two thumbs up. A must watch for all thriller /crime lovers.

3G (2013) - Horror

My decision of not watching trailers paid off this time as I didn’t see a single trailer of this one and straight went ahead with no expectations whatsoever. Being a Neil Nitin Mukesh fan since his first film – this one unfortunately doesn’t works for him either as it starts with a Bang! But soon in the first half hour only derails totally, before turning idiotic to a super stupid climax. Although I must say this that it’s a stunningly beautifully shot movie right from the very start and it’s a guarantee you haven’t seen the Fiji they have shown in this one anywhere else, full credit to Keiko Nakahara for its superb cinematography. Neil Nitin Mukesh is a good actor when compared to his counterparts but unfortunately it’s too much weight to be carried on his fragile shoulders; unfortunately neither he has a personality nor the panache to carry it forward, he doesn’t look one bit menacing or scary in the scenes he is supposed to give those killer looks rather I found him funny and he actually made us laugh. Initial half hour to first 45 minutes is simply too good and stunningly shot with a fantastic background score which actually shocked us a couple of times and soured our expectations but then onwards it takes a nose dive never to pick up ever again leading to as I said “A super stupid climax”. It’s actually a revenge drama depending on out of this world 3G technology – imagine a dead man is trying to kill all those responsible for his girl friend’s murder from his own hands. Whatever that may sound to you. Sonal Chouhan and Mrinalini Sharma both make a big mark through this movie – I never knew that they could look this good ever and if you plan to see this – I must tell you this too – watch out for the last ten minutes of the movie – it’s a typical porn movie stuff with Mrinalini Sharma giving an unbelievable shot (from Indian standards) that I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. Its another fantastic opportunity lost for poor Neil – full sympathies with him, I am sure the marked anyways had no expectations from this one and it will sink soon. Give it a miss but do get a good DVD print and watch out for the first 45 minutes – now don’t miss that after my recommendation. My ratings – 2/5, One for the Cinematography and the other one for background score.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Attacks of 26/11 (2013) - Crime Thriller

The moment I read that RGV is going to make a movie on the dreaded terrorist attacks of 26/11/2008 in Mumbai – I was all excited as I believed he will be the right on to shed some light on the subject. The poor guy was already involved in the controversy of visiting the Taj Hotel with the then Chief Minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh and criticized for the same by media and all. If you haven’t seen it – let me tell you off hand that it is indeed one hell of a movie – not to be seen by faint hearted at all, it gave me Goosebumps throughout the narrative and chills down my spine. I am sure almost everyone was glued to their TV screens, News Channels and to the print media when it was happening and so much has been said and reported about the incident that its glued forever in our smemory and as the scenes unfold in the movie – it just moves you big time to see how it all happened. Barring a very few stupid mistakes like showing the Mahindra XUV 5OO in 2008 and some other smaller ones, RGV has handled the whole thing pretty well – not for one moment it feels exaggerated as I truly believe it must be worse than what we see onscreen, the brutality, the way the killed so many innocent people in cold blood is simply heart breaking, blood and gory moments, shocking is an understatement. It has so many “Oh my fucking god” moments; the casting too is apt with who else could have played the role of Joint Commissioner of Police but Nana Patekar, outstanding is the way he narrates the whole night, his expressions, dilemma, body language, long pauses and everything else is to be praised big time, watch out for the last scene when he is shown as talking to Ajmal Kasab (One of the terrorists who was caught alive) – it’s a mind blowing scene with a glass of tea in his hand. Especially for people who live and were in Mumbai at that very particular time – this will appeal big time. It’s a mind blowing docudrama I would say and a definite rating of 3/5 from my side. A must watch for all – so the world should know too – what havoc the city of Mumbai faced one fateful night.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Salmon Fishing in The Yemen (2011) - Romantic Comedy

Ewan McGregor is one hell of a guy that keeps amazing me with every new movie of his. This one isn’t an exception either – the way he gets into the skin of a character is simply superb, at times he makes me wonder if he is actually playing a character or am I seeing the real him written into any movie that he works with. Even in this one where he plays a fisheries expert Doctor Alfred Jones is simply too good a character so much so that instantly you fall in love with his character. Emily Blunt as Harriet is his partner in crime on a project to bring Salmon fishes to Yemen and how they convince the visionary Sheikh Mohammed (Amr Waked) is simply hilarious and outstanding on screen stuff. It’s a fantastic movie on the topic with so many funny moments and ideas that it makes the whole movie a breeze for its audience. I had no idea what was in store for me when I saw it being recommended by a good friend and the moment I saw Ewan – I knew it that it’s going to be a fun watch and superb it is – I tell you. First the idea is hilarious, second the execution and its effects, what happens next and their own troubled personal lives, falling in love, getting out of it again and the fantastic finale – it totality its an awesome one time watch with some real cool performances and typical British humor thrown in. Not to be missed by those who like romantic light hearted comedies – you are going to love it and remember it for quite a while. My ratings – a damn good 3/5 with two thumbs up.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (2013) - Thriller

I hate trailers: And why I say this is – when you see a movie of this magnitude – it freaking makes no impact on you as almost all the punch lines when in reality delivered in a movie – you end up saying “Yawn Yawn! Hearing this for the 39th time now” – Unfortunately some of the best lines in the movie – which should make you whistle, clap and stand up in love – are already beaten to death in trailers itself – so many times that they don’t even make me smile anymore when I see them on a big screen. This became another of those movies – where in we went with huge expectations, bag and baggage from its prequel and come out half satisfied only – if it wasn’t for Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergil and Mahie Gill exactly in the same order – this would be another disaster (for me ofcourse). At best – I will call it a great story told in a fantastic way that’s all (A good drama) – not a thriller and not at all an exciting movie at all – so much so that as we walked out of the theater – very painfully I asked my wife “Would you consider seeing its 3rd part when it comes?” and she gives a faint smile – just to keep my heart and says “Yeah, I may – if only they take Irrfan and Jimmy again”. But I must say this Irrfan Khan is one hell of a guy to watch out for – everything about him is so insanely good that you just cant help but keep falling in love with him again and again. Jimmy Shergil yet again bowled me over with his role – I mean its totally amazing to see him sitting on the wheel chair majority of the time yet totally fantastic. Mahie Gill is superb as the psycho wife – this should be considered one of the best roles done by her in the recent past. Soha Ali is a big miscast – I mean – C’mon, kill me before convincing me that a guy with a wife like Mahie can fall for a girl like Soha. Period. If you like Drama’s check this out – you will love it but if you are expecting a thriller – you will be heartbroken like me for sure. But it does makes up for a damn good one watch – should not be ignored for sure but not a movie that I would love to see it again ever. My rating – a good 3/5 and a thumbs up for sure.

Mama (2013) - Horror

Confession / bragging time: I have become such a hardcore movie buff now especially when it comes to thriller and horrors that they hardly scare or move me one bit. Same happened with this movie “Mama” – one of my very good friends whose a tuff nut like me – guess had a great time watching this one and told me that he was actually scared hence I was all excited to catch this as soon as I can. At best I will call this a good thriller which amazingly gave me some good thrills and chills but failed to scare me, not for one moment I was like “Oh my god that was some shit scary scene”. A simple story of a distraught father who kills his business partners and his own estranged wife before taking his two little daughters on a joy ride, crashes the car, they land in a house in the woods with no one to come and no where to go, before he could kills his daughter – he is killed by someone we couldn’t see. Cut to five years later the hunt for the girls is still on – one of their uncle is looking for them, finally they get to the spot – what remains of the girls is one heck of a site and how they are followed by the spirit / ghost or whatever – is one good watch. You’ve got to see it and praise some of its special effects and those shrill scenes but nothing that much scary as you will jump on your seat or go white on your face. I was surprised to see Jessica Chastain playing the character of Annabel (Uncle’s Girlfriend), she looks good but have hardly anything to do in this one. All in all it makes up for a good one time watch but remains another movie which fails to scare me. If you like horror and thrillers – give it a try – you may end up liking it. My ratings – 2.5/5.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Rust and Bone (2012) - Drama

Some movies are made in such a way that they touch a chord deep inside you in the very first few minutes and you get totally hooked to them till the very end. This one had that magic effect on me as when I tried it the very first time – I didn’t even know that it was a French movie and in the initial ten minutes there were no dialogues just a scene of an unemployed father Alain (Matthias Schoenaerts) with his five year old son visiting some cross country relative. They are so poor that they try to hitch hike a ride, carries his son on his shoulder when the little one gets tired, finally they take a train ride, have no money, nothing to eat and it was very heartening to see them picking up left over stuff by passengers and eating all that. His sister works as a cashier with a general store and herself isn’t in a very good condition, picking up expired food items from the store and making use of them as they last a couple of weeks longer then their expiry dates. Gets into a job as a bouncer at a local disco and meets Stephanie (Marion Cotillard) who gets brutally beaten up after a scuffle, goes to leave her home and leaves his number with her just in case if she needs any help. Stephanie works at a water park training Whales, meets a freak accident and her life turns upside down. Alain too starts taking part in local illegal kick boxing fights to make some quick money to support his sister and her family. Everyone has their share of hard life and its actually very touching to see them struggle and just when you start thinking that they will be happy and content now – the tragedy strikes. What happens after Stephanie’s accident and how they both come together is the rest of the movie. Its totally amazing and engrossing stuff with so many “Oh My God” moments in it which move you big time and make your heart cry for the characters. Very Inspiring I will say. It’s a must watch for all those who like serious moving movies – you will be totally hooked to it and will love it big time. No wonder it got so many nominations and victories all across. My ratings – a damn good 4/5 and two thumbs up. A must watch for all.

Baghead (2008) - Thriller

Another amateurish attempt of making a thriller movie on movie by packing two couples to a secluded house in the woods. Shot in its entirety by a handheld camera with almost no story or script either. Two young couples impressed by another similar guys hand made movie which gets rave reviews try their own hand at movie making by going to their cabin in the woods and working on a script. In the meanwhile they have a guy who is watching them from a distance wearing a grocery bag on the head (Justifying the movie title). What happens next is anybody’s guess – the hunters get hunted by the stranger as he has a knife and is about to kill them all. Same been there done that stuff yet again, car getting screwed at the very start hence no escape, running around in jungle for life blah blah blah! They intended to make a horror or at least a thriller and guess what – the movie has no background score whatsoever, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I mean my ears that there was no sound at all. I am actually on the lookout for that friend who recommended this – I am going to definitely murder someone today. It’s a total disaster guys – ignore it big time.

DeadFall (2012) - Crime Drama

I totally love the movies with sudden shocking moments, unexpected twists and turns, with leads starting from one point targeting to reach an end, being chased by someone with enough of action and if it has a love angle thrown in – the better. This had almost everything of that sort that too in perfect doses with one of my favorite guy “Eric Bana” in lead but in a heart breaking negative role. I saw him in a movie after such a long time (If you do not count “Avengers”) and yet it looks like this too didn’t work at the box office. C’mon man! How someone can put such a cute guy that too as a villain and I hoped secretly for his survival but would he? Check out the movie to see it for yourself. Addison (Eric Bana) and his sister Lisa (Olivia Wilde) are on lose after a robbery gone wrong with a lot of cash, looking forward to escape to Canada without getting noticed by anyone. A parallel track of Jay (Charlie Hunnam) X con after serving his sentence is an Olympic Gold Medal winner coming back to his parent’s house right after he beats his own coach black and blue – thinking he has killed him is on a run from another conviction. Both of these tracks and people meet at Jay’s home with the county Sheriff and his brave daughter Hannah (Kate Mara) who is about to join FBI are already on the lookout for these people. What happens next and in between is a cat and mouse game between criminals and cops shot in a very interesting and gripping way. That too with precise 90 minutes of its running time makes it for a perfect crime drama if you ask me. As the name suggests – a lot of people are shot dead obviously for a reason and some do fight for their life before killing each other. If you like thrillers – chances are you are going to like it. I will certainly rate it a good 2.5/5 and will call it a good one time watch for sure.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pitch Perfect (2012) - Musical Comedy

Another damn good musical cum chick flick with some of your all time favorite songs, it almost had all of my favorites from the current as well as by gone era too, was surprised to hear even Madonna’s songs in it. A perfect campus movie talking only about songs and music, friendship and love, a good time pass for sure if you go by no expectations as we did as we had no idea what its all about. Beck (Cute Anna Kendrick) joins a new college unwillingly being forced by her dad, she wants to pursue a career in music joins the college Radio as an intern to start with. While she joins one girly gang in the college – you got to meet hell lots of other cool gangs with their own ideas of superb music and stunts, you’ve got to watch out what they all do to win the coveted trophy at the end of the college in finale. Right from the opening performance of the girls gangs till the very end at the finale it’s a joy ride of sorts especially for those who like dance and music movies and chick flicks. It has so much happening all around that keeps you totally glued and makes you laugh out loud so many times – yeah it drags a little at times too but who cares as far as you get entertained. I totally liked it although there is nothing new in it, was predictable throughout yet it was a great one time watch. I will definitely rate it a good 3/5 especially for playing / performing on some of my favorite numbers and will recommend with two thumbs up rating to all of my music loving friends. Go for it and have a good time.

Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012) - Biography

What I fail to understand with this kind of a (HBO) movie is two things – one – why would somebody make a movie on one of the most loved American writers Earnest Hemingway and rope in Clive Owen for the lead role and two – why O why in the world – Nicole Kidman will show up for the same movie playing his third wife. I guess am never going to get those answers and the same reasons why I saw this movie in the first place. I guess if this wasn’t made on Hemingway’s life – I am sure I would have liked it as an individual movie made in those “World War” times and would have praised it too. On top of that I am doubly sure Hemingway wasn’t half as crazy as this movie projects him to be and what’s with those seriously offensive sex scenes in this movie? Totally beyond me – anyways western movie stars have no issues in going nude at the drop of a hat but this one beats me with the nudity on display too. 150 minutes long is a little too long for a movie of this magnitude – I somehow sat through it only to criticize here as it offers nothing new – although a good insight on his life but don’t know how much of it is true. One thing that will always stay in my memory is the way he types all those novels and stories in his typewriter with that furious speed high on alcohol especially after a night of rocking fun that too at the dawn, super amazing. It is definitely an underwhelming movie for me and not a recommendation for a regular movie watcher – but if you know anything about the guy and like him – check this out – you may end up liking it. My rating a definite 2/5 and not so great of a biography I will call it.

10 ML Love (2012) - Comedy

Bollywood keeps coming back with those small time low budget movies quite often these days which may not make a mark on the box office but work big time for cinema lovers like me. This one too as you can imagine with that first line was an exceptionally good movie and was surely no less than a thriller for us, a damn good story leading to a fantastic finale. It’s based on the famous Shakespeare play “A midsummer nights dream” adapted half a dozen times in the west is a total roller coaster ride for the audience with chaos happening all around in the course of on the eve of a marriage. The characters are totally rocking and on top of that some of the actors are my personal favorites like Purab Kohli – the dude who is to get married to his school time crush (Tara Sharma) who loves a car mechanic (Neil Bhoopalam), twist in the tale is his another classmate too is madly in love with him (Hottie Koel Purie). They keep having one night stands with no commitments – he almost lives at her place and finally gets thrown out because he is about to get married. Parallel hilarious story of a small time Japanese medicine guy (Rajat Kapoor with a love potion) and his hot wife (Tisca Chopra) who he thinks is having an affair with half of the town is too good to be true. In between all this we have a team of caterers and decorators who have their own story to tell too – finally what happens with the magical love potion (as the name suggests) is something out of this world. With so much happening at a break neck pace – we had a rocking good time and on top of that the movie’s length is hardly 85 odd minutes. If you like comedies – you will love this one – do not miss it at any cost. My ratings – a definite 3/5 and two thumbs up.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I, Me Aur Main (2013) - Comedy

How can we miss a movie with Chitrangda (my favorite) and John Abraham (wifey’s favorite) in one movie together – that would be such a crime and shame for us. On top of that it was almost a quarter less then two hours – makes up for a breeze with not a cliché ending as I expected. John Abraham as a selfish brat with care a damn attitude is too good – a superb choice for the role as I couldn’t think of another guy who would have pulled it the way he does – a totally lovable character. Chitrangda is fuming hot – no two things about it – looks like walked straight out of “Inkaar’s” set into this one – same character same attitude. Unfortunately Prachee Desai was a big turn off at least for us – I never liked her in any of the movies but what to do – she is here and she is definitely going to stay long. Even the support cast is too good with nicely written characters, Zarina Wahab as John’s mother is fab, so is Raima Sen as his boss and Mini Mathur is too cute as his elder sister. Straight forward story of a selfish guy who gets thrown out of his Girl Friends house after living in for 3 years and yet not ready for a commitment, falls for the next best thing who comes into his life like a breeze of fresh air in the form of Prachee desai the new neighbor. What happens next is the rest of the movie with a little twist, change of career, a little struggle etc. Still it works mainly due to its nice story and superb casting – never for a moment you feel bored or drab. Surprisingly there are hardly any songs as I expected quite a few and thanked god there weren’t many. It definitely works as a good one time watch and I will certainly rate it at least a good 2.5/5 with two thumbs up, a good time pass, for sure. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet and if you have – let me know if you liked it.

Brave (2012) - Animation

I somehow skipped this one even after an Academy Nomination for the Best Animated Film but after reading a friends fantastic review and her kiddo loving it – I had to see this one – doubly glad that I changed my mind as we totally loved the cutie pie with those awesome curls, so much so that it is now going to our permanent collection. Fantastic story, awesome execution, superb cute characters and amazing action, I guess it would be great fun on 3D but we got to see the 2D version which was too good as well. 80 minutes of sheer fun, comedy, adventure and action all in one. Simple story of a young girl pampered by her dad (A King) having differences with her mother, tries to change her mothers thinking with the help of a witch, how she gets cheated and the disaster strikes and how she fights its up to put all back in the normal course is the movie all about. It’s a super roller coaster ride for kids especially with the little princess and her three identical triplet brothers coming to her rescue is totally outstanding. Even the clans are too funny who come to take part in highland games thrown open by the king to complete for young princess’s hand is fantastic. How they all compete and get beaten by the little princess is another superb thing. If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out, not to be missed especially by animation lovers – even otherwise its superb fun. I will definitely rate it a good 3.5/5 and two thumbs up for sure.

A Late Quartet (2012) - Drama

I was actually looking for Dustin Hoffman’s Directorial debut “Quartet (2012)” and toppled on this one but the moment I saw the casting with couple of my favorite stars – couldn’t resist this one. What a wonderful movie it turns out to be – if you like classical music (Beethoven and co.) – you are going to love this one. The story revolves around a group of Classical musicians playing chamber music and the most important combination of four instruments in chamber music is the string quartet. String quartets most often consist of two violins, a viola, and a cello. After 3000+ concerts together in about 25 years, they are about to part ways due to one of them suffering from Parkinson’s, another having ego issues in being called a second lead and his own marital issues, one of them having affair with another’s daughter. Christopher Walken and Philip Seymour Hoffman are totally rocking in this one as the team mates – solid performances and outburst. And so are Mark Ivanir as the maker and player who has ego clashes with Philip, one more great thing about the movie is that finally Catherine Keener, who we keep seeing in so many movies day in day out gets a damn good role, one that you will notice and remember her for quite a while especially her expressions and frustrations. This movie scores big time on a lot of fronts – for starters its music is too good, chemistry between cast, friendship, betrayal, ego, sacrifice and finally the superb ending. One final performance before bidding it good bye, too good. This movie indeed increases your knowledge about classical movie a bit more and entertains you too big time. If you haven’t seen this yet – go ahead – take a look – I am sure you will love it like I did and will definitely give it a good 3/5 with two thumbs up. A must watch for all classical music lovers – it’s a treat.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Girl (2012) - Biography

Alfred Hitchcock is one of my all time favorite Directors – right after watching “"Hitchcock" I came across this one a HBO Film based on him that too with movie “The Birds” in its background – simply couldn’t resist. Although both the movies shouldn’t be compared but comparisons are inevitable but Toby Jones does plays Hitchcock to the best of his capacity yet it’s nothing in front of Anthony Hopkins. Still this one holds pretty good as the premise is different than Hitchcock, there it was “Psycho” here it’s about “The Birds” and his next but the last movie. Both the movies were one of the best made on the subjects so far and ultimate classics – I totally loved them and have lost count long back as how many times I must have seen them. This one is starts right where Hitchcock had left after the grand success of “Psycho” Alfred is looking for another blond for his next venture. That’s when he meets Tippi Hedren (Siena Miller) and hires her for the role. As the image goes – he is again infatuated with Tippi and tries taking her advantage once but since she fights him off – he makes her life hell by putting her patience to test in the making of the movie. Although debatable yet what they have shown in the movie makes up for quite a thriller and a great insight in the life of great Alfred Hitchcock, I don’t care even if half of its isn’t true but the effort of the team must be praised as it’s a superb independent film if may call it that. Keeps the audience totally glued to the narrative and kindda totally loved Toby Jones, Siena Miller and the lady who plays Toby’s wife in the movie. The whole setting of the 70’s and the making of the movie is quite a fundoo stuff. In comparison to “Hitchcock” which released in the same year – this isn’t that great but still works because of the premise. If you have seen “The Birds” – do not miss this – chances are you will love it as I did. My ratings – a good 3/5 and two thumbs up for sure.

Stolen (2012) - Action

Another run of the mill action movie which proves yet again that these ageing stars need to read the script first before signing and putting another dud against their almost finished career. I know those are some real harsh words written by me but unfortunately being a big big fan of Nicholas Cage for so many years – my heart cries to see him in back to back similar movies again and again and again – C’mon man, stop signing these craps. It’s such a cliché plot and had such a “been there done that a million times” feel to it that I could almost predict the very next scene without any problem. Heist gone wrong, a partner taking revenge, kidnapping of a family member, another theft to pay the ransom, take FBI for a joy ride, rob a bank, kill the bad guy and live happily ever after. WTF! No point discussing it any further – it’s another movie which should have never seen the day light unfortunately it does and sinks without a trace. Nicholas had a tuff time shooting for it and that’s visible in the scenes as he simply couldn’t run – looks so tired throughout and I am totally bored of seeing movie after movie which prove that a tom dick and harry thief of US is smarter than FBI guys – it’s a cake walk for him to solve a kidnapping case in like 12 straight hours without any help from anybody – Bingo! If you haven’t seen it – don’t even think about it and if you did already – please let me know your thoughts on the same. My rating 1/5. Ignore big time.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Bernie (2012) - Black Comedy

Bernie was termed as most under appreciated film of 2012 and I know why it was because half the people who like Jack Black (just like me) couldn’t imagine him in this kind of a role. He does put a smile on your face but it’s hard to connect with the character, hence the out come. And I am surprised to know that it’s based on a true story, even some of the characters played themselves in the movie – now that’s something fundoo. Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) is a small town mortician who does his job with sheer perfection – you’ve got to see the introduction as how he does it all – fabulous job. He becomes a good friend of recently widowed super rich Marjorie (Shirley Maclaine) and how they become the talk of the town because of their escapades is movie all about plus the tragic ending of their story and the movie. Mostly the movie didn’t work for me because I expected it to be a comedy movie with Jack in it – it is indeed a black comedy but again as I said – I hardly had a connect with it fortunately the Texas connection works for me as I already mentioned earlier – I kindda like a movie with Texan background anyways because of the unique way they talk and do things, still this was a big turn off. I won’t even call it an average one time watch as I was totally bored of it by the time it ends, skip it – if you haven’t seen it but if you are a big Jack Black fan – might as well give it a shot. I will rate it 2/5 for sure.

Mai (2013) - Drama

Not every movie is made to entertain the audience but some are made to show them the mirror too and I will call this one as based on the true stories of more then a million households all across the world. This is another movie in the series of the likes of “Baghban” and others based on children and parent relationship. Made by a debutant Director and a fantastic Debut for India’s one of the favorite singers Asha Bhosle at the age of 79, this turns out to be a damn good movie made on the subject. The day I came to know of its making – I knew what will be its fate on the box office but had seriously high hopes from the three leads including Asha Bhosle as Mai, Padmini Kolhapure as her daughter and Ram Kapoor as her son in law, Superb casting. The story is totally apt as per today’s time and I am sure a lot of us would have gone through the same dilemma one time or other. Mai is a mother of four – three daughters and one son, stays with her son who wants to get rid of her in pretext of going to USA and couldn’t take her along as medical cost is too high for her age. As fate had it – her responsibility comes to her eldest daughter who is in fulltime job and has a teenage daughter to take care, with a not so cordial husband. What happen next are anybody’s guess – predictable yet heart wrenching drama with Asha Bhosle doing a superb job – she is simply fantastic and too good in the role of Mai – she moved us big time with her expressions and with someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I will recommend it big time as it’s a great eye opener and a fundoo lesson in learning. It’s a must watch and a definite 3/5 from me. Do not miss it.

Zila Ghaziabad (2013) - Thriller

Zila Ghaziabad – the so called based on true story of 80’s and 90’s is such a bad movie that it creates another example in “how not to make a movie” – Oh My God. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it in full – somehow with that kind of casting – how can movies like these get made. I am sure the Director of this movie saw movies like “Omkara” and latest “Rowdy Rathore” – jumbled it up with a Gangwar in the background. Rope in some idle sitting stars from Bollywood and put them all in one movie. I mean the delight on Vivek Oberoi’s face is something you should watch out for – he simply couldn’t stop smiling, even in the serious scenes his expressions were like “See I got a movie, finally” that too with Sanju Baba and Arshad Warsi in it. Finally someone made a movie with Sanjay Dutt doing “Rohit Shetty” stunts – throwing people around like match sticks, why should only Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan have all the fun, he too can do the same and do it in style. Not one but they had to do two item numbers to keep the audiences glued and trust me – none of them works, barring the title track – there is nothing much you take home once you walk out of the theater. The less said about their acting the better – it totally confuses you with what is the purpose of this movie? it doesn’t entertain you one bit, has no message whatsoever and what it shows isn’t even true – the exaggeration is way too over board then how it all would have happened. I wasn’t even hopeful of a miracle in this one but couldn’t ignore it for sure with two of my favorites in one, hence the outcome. Ignore if you haven’t seen it – there is nothing that you are missing. At best I will rate it 1/5 and a total mess.

Red Dawn (2012) - War

Another remake bites dust and what a bit turn off this one turns out to be – I guess this guy Chris Hemsworth is beyond me – so far I am not able to like any of his movies, dunno why, although I am too easy to please type guy – yet he fails to impress me. This one too is a remake of a movie with the same name made in 1984 with one of my all time favorite star Patrick Swayze at the helm of things and was called as bloodiest movie of its own time. Now considering years – in 1984 – Russia invading USA can still be accepted but how about Korea invading USA that too in 2012 – sounds like highly impossible idea and the best part is the control of whole war fare is in a brief case – so to win the war against them all you’ve got to do is get that briefcase and blow it off – simple. Whosoever came out with that idea should be praised big time and should be held responsible for this disaster. A bunch of losers who couldn’t even win a football match are supposed to fight against the Korean Army and how they do it all is there to see in the movie – lead by Chris “The Thor” Hemsworth. Starts well but then in the initial half hour it starts to fall flat and I almost dozed somewhere mid way to end. If you like thrillers give it a miss rather I would rather recommend get the original and enjoy it again. A total let down.