Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Week (2008) - Drama

Another beautiful Canadian Film I came across some time ago – saw it today and what a movie it turns out to be. It kept reminding me of a couple of my close friends who are true road junkies. What would you do if you got only a year to live? Now, that’s one subject we have seen so many movies being made on in last couple of years – this one is I guess one of the best on the subject. So this guy picks up a 1973 Norton Commando Motorcycle and sets up on a ride of a life time from Toronto (East Coast) to Vancouver Island (West Coast) that too he does it only in a week, around 4300 KM as per Google maps.  What all he goes through and his experiences is the movie all about. Need I say more? So you can get a DVD and watch it? I don’t think so; it’s a superb movie with excellent background score, cinematography and a perfectly said damn good message. It is one of the most beautiful movies I saw in last couple of years, wherever you pause the movie – you can take a snap and it will work like perfect wallpaper for your PC. If you are one of those guys who are “Born to Ride” types – you are going to love it and it will be a permanent part of your favorite movies as it definitely goes to my every growing collection with a note “Must watch every year”. Do not miss this at any cost.

Hitchcock (2012) - Biography

One of the most awaited movie of 2012 for me was “Hitchcock” based on a very important but a brief chapter from the life of one of the best and my favorite Director “Alfred Hitchcock”. It shows us the most turbulent time of his life and relationship with his wife while making one of the most acclaimed movies “Psycho”. The master of Suspense / Thrill and Horror – no one can beat him when it comes to Suspense and Horror for sure. I can never forget those days during my early college days when we discussed horror movies and my dad always challenged us to see “Psycho” on big screen someday. I saw it in mid 90’s in a film festival in Delhi and it was one hell of an experience as the hall was jam packed initially and within the first 45 minutes at least a good 2/3rd had already stormed out. It was an amazing movie – I must have seen it like a dozen times since then and I love to mention it again that it still gives me chills whenever I see it again even to this day. This movie is a treat for all Hitchcock fans rather a double treat as no one else could have played the character any better than the way Anthony Hopkins does it. I actually couldn’t recognize him for a moment at the very start of the movie, initially I thought Anthony is overpowering the character but right in the first 20 minutes I was convinced what I saw on screen was actually Alfred Hitchcock and not Anthony Hopkins. The way he talks, walks, drinks, eats, makes faces, reacts, almost everything is simply superb and outstanding. I had to actually Google to see how similar he looks to the master. Amazing job.

Helen Mirren

The Movie: Starts in 1959 after the average success of “North by Northwest” – another fantastic film by Alfred Hitchcock, a reporter questions him if he is going to retire or still make movies. How he reacts and what follows is an amazing journey of how he picks up another subject and turns it into an all time classic hits. What happens to the book he plans to adapt as a movie and the final script given to the team? Check it out, you will love the treatment. What all happens in his life like the production house backs out, he had to mortgage his own house, fight with his wife for the same, he himself wasn’t sure of his success for the same. The movie gives quite an insight on the life and times of Hitchcock; I am shocked and amazed that how come no one has reacted to all those facts and figures mentioned in the movie. While casting and making the movie they have said and quoted so many things and commented so much about so many actors, I wonder how they would react if they were / are still alive. One of the best part of the movie is when they shoot that first legendary murder sequence – will not spoil it for you here – you should see it to believe it. Another high of the movie is the very end – totally loved the sequence when Alfred waits outside the theater for audience’s reaction to the final cut and how they respond. I bet – this scene will make you breathless and it will make you stand up and clap for the master. I so much wished to see this on big screen – dunno when they are going to have this in our part of the world. This is one amazing movie and a must watch for all the Alfred Hitchcock fans, you are surely going to love him more after seeing this one. 

The less said about the cast the better because they have picked up the best of the best for the same – Anthony Hopkins is too good as Alfred Hitchcock, a damn good and perfect choice, everything about him is so perfect, I wonder how Academy skipped to Nominate him – that’s a crime that they have done. No wonder – even the original Hitchcock never got an Oscar anyways. Helen Mirren is apt as his wife and plays her part damn well too, she is one of my favorite females and it’s too good to see her couple of times a year in the movies still. Scarlet Johansson and Jessica Biel as two ladies in the movie “Psycho” were good. I liked the lady who plays Alfred’s assistant in office, the chief of Paramount and quite a few more actors – they do leave a good mark on your memory for sure. All in all it’s a damn good movie and one that should not be missed at any cost by Hitchcock fans specially.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Royal Affair (2012) - Drama

Danish entry to Best Foreign Film Category at the Academy this year is “A Royal Affair”, about a crackpot King and his newly married Queen’s affair with the royal doctor. A story set in the 18th century again had me in splits with those outrageous costumes and royal body language. I liked the Doctors character more than the crazy King and the female playing queen is simply beautiful and what expressive eyes and such a tragic end. It’s a typical royalty drama and feels like “been there seen that” stuff. Can certainly be seen as another Nomination but nothing outstanding about this one – I will be shocked if they lift the trophy this year. If you haven’t seen this – don’t worry – you aren’t missing anything.

War Witch (2012) - Drama

Canadian entry and Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film “War Witch” – a heart touching and soul shaking story told in the most riveting manner. Both the leads – the girl narrating her life story and her companion are totally awesome. 100 minutes of sheer pain and it made me feel that we are actually living a life of luxury in comparison to what so many countries of the world are going through right now. I will not be shocked or surprised if this one takes the award as it truly deserves it – depicting the every day life of so many who have no tomorrow. How they live, struggle, fight, survive yet at times have something to cheer about. Unbelievably good movie but beware of gory moments as my wife had to stop eating in between as the story unfolds and heads towards the most unfortunate but somehow predictable ending. War Witch is the story of a 12 year old girl kidnapped by rebels and who was made to kill her own parents. They make her a War Witch as she is the only one who survives the war with government soldiers and rest of them all killed. How and what happens next is the movie. It’s a must watch for all those who like movies made out of real life – not to be missed at any cost. I hope it gets its due at the Academy and gets a wider audience in future.

Anna Karenina (2012) - Drama

The last of the lot of Nominated @ Academy category – this one turns out to be a surprisingly good one for me, as I’ve always been a Keira Knightely and Jude Law fan. Nominated in four categories – I am sure it’s definitely taking the one at least for those fantastic costumes. I always find them a little outrageous as its amazing how all those years these guys lived wearing those irritating uniforms, Yikes! Bubbly Keira is too good in Anna’s role and amazing is the way how she enacts those fantastic expressions, Jude Law although in a very limited screen presence yet is terrific, I did not like that Vronsky guy one bit. One great thing about the movie was the way they have shot this – half of it was shot as if it was a drama on stage with background and scenes changing right in front of the audience – that was too good, I found it pretty nice concept. Having read the story in my early college days – I exactly knew where it is going and how its all going to end still the movie holds too good and I was totally engrossed in it. Even with little more then two hours – it’s a breeze and I didn’t realize how fast it comes to the end. If you like period dramas with fantastic story told in a totally awesome way – do not miss this.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kon Tiki (2012) - Adventure

Another damn good movie nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy this year and what a treat it was as I got a damn good DVD print. It surely isn’t coming to our part of the world any sooner hence I had to do this and I am glad I did it, even wifey loved it big time and both of us were hooked to it for the most of 120 of its running time. A maverick ethnographer sets on a journey to prove his theory that people from South America drifted and settled in Polynesia around 1500 years ago. When his research and theory which takes him 10 years in writing isn’t picked up and accepted by anyone in the society, he leaves his wife and two kids alone to do this with a handful of people. What follows is a visual treat and a solid adventure on board a small hand made raft using old original techniques that too in the year 1947. They travel a distance of about 6900 KM in about 101 days across Pacific Ocean. If your idea of a perfect movie is an adventure trip like that – you are going to love this one big time. What an amazing journey and the way it’s all shot, awesome cinematography and fantastic narration. It became one of the most expensive as well as most the highest grossing Norwegian film ever. Not to be missed by adventure movie lovers – it’s a total treat.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) - Adventure

A very few Movies and Directors fulfill the expectations of their audience when it comes to making a sequel or a prequel as in the case of this one. Being a fan of Peter Jackson school of movies (Read LOTR trilogy) – I have seriously lost count as how many times I must have seen them all, I just couldn’t miss this but I feel like a criminal today to miss it on big screen that too a superb 3D. I had huge and I mean HUGE expectations from this one and what an amazing treats this was – totally rocking stuff. Right from the opening scene to the very end – I felt at home. Not for one moment it made me feel that its dragging or something wasn’t required, it made me smile from ear to ear, was totally hooked to the screen and story the way its narrated, visuals are totally out of this world, creatures – some you love some you hate but cannot be ignored for sure. Although a little predictable by half time but by the time it hits the climax and those awesome action sequences – I am sure it must be double the fun on 3D still a damn good enjoyable fare on a regular 2D version. This became another movie which kept me asking for more like any of the movie from LOTR series – waiting for the next outing very eagerly, I am sure its DVD and Blue Ray’s will be a grand success and they are even releasing a 3D BR version pretty soon. If you liked the LOTR series – you are surely going to love this one and the following two movies which I am surely not going to miss on the big screen at any cost. Totally rocking stuff and a good 4 stars from my side. Do not miss it – if its still running in your area and if you are a criminal like me, at least get a DVD and watch it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Inkaar (2013) - Drama

Sudhir Mishra yet again in quest of making a different movie like he always does and shocks, impresses, pleases his fans – he made this and confused them thoroughly, at least he did that to me. As I have no idea how it ends or was it an open ended film with whatever I believe could be the ending, whatever – two good things this movie did – one the hottie Chitrangda got another movie to her credit and looks ravishing hot in this one, I am certainly checking it out for her again soon once the original DVD is out, if only he has kept a straight camera and not RGV style – it would’ve made it look her more beautiful and two – Arjun Rampal is definitely getting better by the day (or movie) shall I say, Awesome job by him. If rumors were to be believed – he is getting proposed for a national award for this one – dunno how true that could be. Story of an over ambitious woman who lives her life on her own terms and can sacrifice anything for success and how is the movie all about. Yet another movie which bites the dust and has no takers even in the very first week – I was shocked to see Sudhir Mishra strolling lazily in a suburban multiplex / mall and no one – trust me – no one was trying to come any closer to him. Unfortunately I hadn’t seen the movie till that moment hence I couldn’t muster enough guts to waste one minute of his time so I too skipped those terrifying eyes and attitude of his. It’s a damn good movie for those who like subjective movies – with so many of them made in other countries which do not even get a proper release yet get great critical acclaim – this will be trashed again just because of the Director. If drama is what you like especially one room drama’s – check this one out – you will like it. I will definitely give it a good 3 stars for the handling and performances by the cast.  

Race 2 (2013) - Hindi Drama

First big release of the year that too released on a long weekend – it was bound to get rave reviews, became our second of the year on big screen. What a fantastic movie this turns out to be – if one can live with Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Sajid Khan type of cinema – this is way too good than all those put together – I will keep Rohit Shetty out of this sequence as his movies are at least one notch above them. I will still call Race 2 as WTF movie of the year as it has so much to offer in a platter that it confuses you big time – still you surprise over 2 and a half hour long Drama (at best) with 17 twists, 34 shocks (Not actually) and 68 double crossings – yet no one dies in the end – would you believe that? If I tell you – just because I am sure Abbas Mastan has already planned a sequel to this one a couple of years down the line. We had a rocking laughing time watching the funniest movie of this year (yet) as finding fault in this one is actually an insult of the word itself. Trust me when I say this – you’ve gotta see this on a big screen guys! Trust me on that seriously, not for one moment you feel its going anywhere and no offence to any Abbas Mastan and their genre of films fans – I have no idea who are their actual audience for whom they have made this classic. As every 10 minutes you have a twist, shock and double crossing and they do take pains of explaining it too so you should not get confused and move on with the story. Obviously with so much of skin show on display – you will definitely miss out on story hence the explaining works. I had no expectations from Jacqueline and Ameesha but Deepika made our eyes pop out as she walks in straight from the sets of cocktail – even a dress in one song is exactly same.

One hell of a movie with an awesome star cast, I guess people who have seen this will agree here that Nawab Saab (Saif) looks way too better than the so called King Khan and age is definitely not catching up with him. But the most dashing guy in the movie with least screen presence is my personal favorite Aditya Pancholi (as God Father) – hell yeah and he pulls it up with full style. This movie I will call the first of John where he broke our hearts big time – me and wifey both are fans of his good looks and body – here they botched it up so bad that he is at his worst – I mean – look at those chipped lips, almost no make up and no classy looks – yet he is one of the super rich guy. How sad that is of the Directors to do that to him. The less said the better of Anil Jhakkas Kapoor – at his irritating best. I will definitely not talk about the chases and heists they perform as that will like adding insult to injury – you’ve got to see it yourself so you too can have a laughing time (on them) rather with them being performed. Its simply a WOW movie and a must watch for all especially on big screen – I guess it has already made more then 50 crores in last 4 days – thanks to our 160/- too. Do not miss this at any cost.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lincoln (2012) - Historical Drama

Another movie which reminded me of our beautiful history teacher and makes me regret why I never paid any attention to what she was teaching in the class. Hence this movie too makes no sense to me although I realize from other reviewer’s point of view that this was one of the most important chapters of American or shall I say world history as this is the period when the acclaimed 13th amendment was passed abolishing slavery. Whatever! Still it makes up for a fantastic watch with those fantastically picked up actors who fit in their respective roles too well. I am sure Daniel Day Lewis is definitely picking up the Best Actor trophy unless they decide to give it to my personal favorite Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables). In any of those cases I will be too happy. Daniel I guess looks exactly like the real Lincoln for sure, I was shocked to see the similarity in the opening scene itself, the way he has enacted the character is totally awesome. One of my favorite actors – Tommy Lee Jones although in a short role still he leaves a big mark plus he indeed make me smile from ear to ear yet again, I so much love him. The entire movie was shot only in two months and still Steven Spielberg has done a wonderful job yet again, I am sure he is definitely picking up a couple of trophies this year at the Academy. My only grudge with the movie is – why cover only one chapter – why not a little more on the guy, I am sure I would have loved it more had it given a little more insight on Lincoln’s life and times. Still it does leave a big impression of him on you through the movie if nothing else. I will highly recommend it to those who love period dramas – this will certainly make you happy. Not for one moment it makes you believe that it was close to two and a half hour long.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)

The movie which as per me – should have never got made, last of the series, weakest and the worst to say the least. How ironical it is that it became the highest grossing film of the Twilight series, I am shocked to read that. Unfortunately it’s a drag and has very little to offer, even after just a little over 100+ minutes of running time – its too long to give you a couple of Yawns and it actually made me check out my watch to see how long its going to take for them to bloody end this mess of a disaster. I guess rather I am sure that the best of the series was the first movie followed by an almost equally good second part, then onwards it kept going down on quality / story department and this is the final nail in the coffin. With almost nothing no new visuals to offer then they just keep doing their fast forward running, jumping, smiling, killing part and to top it all they introduce like a two dozen new members with hardly any footage but with some good new powers like the X Men. Purpose of their life is to save the Immortal child.

The only good part of the movie for me was the chemistry between Bella with Edward and I was doubly glad to see Jacob being with them full time. The best of the best is Kristen Stewart – who looks totally awesome with those red vampire eyes, man! I will definitely put a close up of her in my living room – sometime soon. How it all ends is a pretty predictable fare – if you’ve been following this since the start – you know deep down inside that its actually never going to end. I will not be surprised if they come out with yet another part in a couple of years if not the very next.

Freelancers (2012) - Action

What a great let down in the name of De Niro and Whittaker in one movie together – trust me – I almost dozed off waiting for the ending and had to rewind it to see how it ends. This as per will be the weakest movie with De Niro in it – wont even call it a nice one time watch as it offers nothing new or extra ordinary – its like watching something which makes you feel “been there done that” a dozen times. Ignore, if you haven’t seen it yet – you are not missing anything great and if you have seen it – lemme know if you liked it, I will be shocked to know that anyways.

50 Cents getting that kindda footage and attention was a little shocking for me, the one thing I liked about the movie is Gangsta Background score, wished they let that play throughout the movie.

SkyFall (2012) - James Bond Movie

It was payback time for me since my dad was here in town with us on a short trip and during my Jr College days, he had shown me a good number of Bond movies on big screen and this became our third movie together with Daniel Craig in lead. What an amazing experience it was to see the new age bond do all those stunts that his time’s bond would not even dare to dream. Also, this became another of those movies where you eagerly wait for the villain to come in and make you fall in love with the negative character. I for sure will remember Skyfall more for Javier Bardem than for Daniel Craig and the rest of the team. Totally awesome character and kudos to Javier for that flawless performance – loved every minute of his presence on screen.

The very first sequence of the movie is so breathtaking that the money you spend on the ticket is paid back to you in double – even if you walk out of the audi right after it finishes with bond shot by his own colleague and left to die. What follows is a cat and mouse game between bond and bad guys – finally coming to a conclusion with another heart breaking death of one of the most loved characters of Bond Franchisee. It’s a crime to miss a movie of this magnitude on big screen and I am glad that we finally saw it. Not to be missed by anyone – you love him or you hate him but you simply can’t ignore him. Check it out guys as I await its Blue Ray DVD launch to make it to my permanent collection of Bond Movies. Dunno how long we need to wait for another outing. This was worth all the money I could spend on a great action / thriller movie.

Dabangg 2 (2012) - Hindi Action

I guess when you have least expectations from a movie – it turns out to be a good one. Same thing happened with Dabangg 2, I wasn’t too keen on checking it out anyways since all the movies with “Leave your brain behind” idea are back to back same. Fortunately this one turns out to be a good one as far as Debut of Arbaz Khan (Director) goes – it’s too good from all the standards. I totally loved the Father Son relationship and fantastic is the way Salman and Vinod enact the characters. I can definitely see it a couple of times more just for both of them. Sonakshi again is totally wasted in that thankless role, dunno why and what she is proud of in Dabangg series – she has hardly any role or even footage. I was prepared to just smile on the jokes but shockingly they had me in splits especially the one’s played on Arbaz, totally rocking comedy. Another thing I would like to mention is the action which is fortunately in right quantity – not too much and not too less, thank god they didn’t go overboard like they do in Rohit Shetty movies. It’s a damn good one time watch if nothing else, I am certainly up for second viewing and will rate it better than Dabangg The Original.

We Bought A Zoo (2011) - Drama in real life

Another movie “based on the true story” which is too damn good. This as per is one of the best of Matt Damon for sure in a serious role, he is too good to be missed. Also, he plays a character which almost is a mirror image of myself – it was as if I was bloody seeing my own self on screen – only that I don’t want that tragedy to happen in my life. Scarlett Johansson is too good and even Angus MacFayden is damn nice in a short and lovable role. Matt plays a recently widowed father of two – a teenage trouble child and a 6 year old cute daughter – him coming to terms with his life as a single parent and moving to a new place which turns out to be a dilapidated Zoo. How and what he does with a team of people in there is one hell of nice watch. A very convincing account from all angles – I totally loved it and will definitely keep it for future viewings too. A good 3 and a half stars for me – go ahead – do not miss it.

Table No. 21 (2012) - Hindi Action

Another movie with a great scope bites dust for me because of lousy handling and almost no thrills whatsoever. I expected so much with such a nice premise but it falls flat at best I will call it an average drama as right from the very start you exactly know where it is going and by the time it ends – you actually say “Oh yeah? I knew it already, it happens all over the country”. What I like about Rajeev Khandelwal is that he isn’t one of those guys who are signing movies left right and center, taking one at a time and giving it his best. Totally loved him in “Amir” and “Shaitan” even this movie holds itself cause of him and partly because of Paresh Rawal’s presence. Although he is villain here yet you just can’t help but love his character. Unfortunately it never works like a thriller but with a different story you do give it some attention, if only the handling was a little better – it would’ve been a superb thriller. Still with almost 120 minutes running time – it does makes up for an interesting watch, I am glad that they have started making movies like Hollywood and soon they will have some good ones in similar lines. A good two stars from me.

CZ12 (2012) - Chinese Action

Today finally we decided to check out “Jack Reacher” and were shocked to see that they had only one show running that too in the evening hence had to settle for “Chinese Zodiac”. And what a wonderful surprise it turns out to be. I had no idea that it was a reboot of “Armour of God” franchisee and a movie which holds two Guinness Records for Jackie Chan - "Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" and "Most Credits in One Movie". High adrenalin stuff yet again from Jackie – kudos to him that he is able to do all that at this age, commendable stuff. The only turn off in the movie was that 20% of its dialogues are in French and another 20% in Chinese with no subtitles (at least in theater) but anyways – who cares about dialogues in a movie which is totally action packed. The opening sequence itself which had Jackie in half a dozen skates is unbelievable but gorgeous stuff followed by one after another damn good fighting sequences. It was actually like seeing Armour of God yet again shot in a new premise – they even had those two legendry scenes of the girl shooting the machine gun mistakenly and the ending scene of Jackie going downhill in a huge ball – although a little different yet damn good. It was indeed great to see a JC movie after a long time on big screen – we had a lot of fun watching this. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet – it’s a great one time watch if nothing else.

Amour (2012) - French

What a beautiful and meaningful movie this turns out to be – I have no words to explain how and what I felt in the end. By the time it ends I had such a big lump in my throat that its hard to explain – I actually wanted to see it again – this time with my wife around but resisted for now. If you like “One Room Drama’s” – this should be called one of the best from the recent times – it introduces you to the characters in its own leisure speed – believe me – once you start watching it – you wont mind the speed as both the leads are so loving people and their every day struggle of life is so much life like that you actually feel for both of them and then the reality strikes that its going to happen to us too someday soon. It’s a heart warming story of a couple in their 80’s – how they survive their last days alone with a daughter who keeps visiting them against their wishes – how it all comes to an end is unexplainable – you’ve got to see it to believe it. It has so many moments which will make you smile, laugh, make your eyes wet and will make you take stock of your own life. This one already picked up so many awards and I am sure will take a majority of awards at Oscars. Do not miss it at any cost – if serious life like movies are your cup of tea.

The Bourne Legacy (2012) - Thriller / Action

I will call this one the weakest of the series – if at all we consider it a part of Bourne series. WOW, I kept waiting for the thrills which unfortunately never arrived barring the last 20 minutes of the movie which was its high point but by that time I had lost interest big time and was waiting for it to end anyways. I am glad that I missed it on big screen not so long ago and was cursing my friend for not making it on time to the theater and we had to drop the idea. It wasn’t worth wasting your hard earned money on a movie like this. Fortunately I like Jeremy Renner but here he looks totally out of place as comparison with Matt Damon is inevitable and I am doubly sure Damon must have laughed big time on this one. Although it did made quite handsome money on the BO but still will be forgotten in no time by the fans of Bourne Series. Unless they plan to make the whole series again with new stories and Jeremy in lead. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it – trust me – pick up any of the earlier parts and enjoy it; I am definitely going to check one of them soon to change the bad taste given by this one.

Nameless Gangster (2012) - Korean

Another Korean Mob film which "Time" claimed that Martin Scorcese would be proud of. No doubt on that as I finished it last night – one of my favorite Korean Actor Choi Min-shik has to be praised yet again for the character he plays and fits in it big time.

What a fantastic movie this one is – totally kept reminding me of its American counterparts. One hell of a movie which shouldn’t be missed by anyone loving Gangster movies as this one became one of the highest grosser in Korea in the year 2012. It’s a little longer then 2 hours yet it feels like a breeze.

Django Unchained (2012) - Epic Western

What do you do when your favorite Director makes a movie after almost 3 years since his last release? You just wait with bated breath for the same and see it a couple of times before you recommend it to anyone else. One Word – Brilliant – which comes to my mind with almost every passing 10 minutes into the movie, so much so that I actually end up watching it exactly two and a half times in last 24 hours only. Fantastic is the word for Quentin Tarantino – he always keeps coming up with fundoo movies and keeps bettering his work with every new movie that he makes. I have actually lost count how many times I have seen “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill” movies and almost all of his dozen or so movies that he Directed – even the ones that he has written are no less than brilliant movies. Django Unchained hasn’t released in our part of the world yet but I couldn’t resist but get a copy as soon as I could and finally I get my own fantastic but a little more than two and a half hour of sheer cinematic fun.

Undoubtedly every character (even the horse) will make you fall in love with himself so much so that by the time it ends, you will actually refuse to accept that it’s over and will put it back again to enjoy it even more in second viewing. I guess with two brilliant actors on screen together – you can only concentrate on one and second times you watch the other guy. FANTASTIC is the way they talk, walk, dress, their facial expressions, background score, the way they shoot, I bet your hands will move to the side of your pockets as if you have a gun hanging in there and you want to take it out and shoot the bad guys yourself. This is a brilliant piece of cinema that we (Our Generation) will keep bragging for years to come, trust me on that, dying to show it to my dad who kept feeding me those cow boys’ movies of his time that we loved so much. Now we have something of our own times that too is equally good if not better. NOT TO BE MISSED by anyone AT ANY COST.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild (2012) - Fantasy Drama

Another Oscar Nomination which doesn’t connects too well with me. Saw it last night – the two things I loved about is the little girl who plays “Hushpuppy” is too good and deserves a standing ovation if not the award, second – the way whole thing is shot in 93 minutes putting across the point of view. Unfortunately couldn’t understand the reason behind the drama but still as a movie it works, the last 20 minutes of the movie as per me was its high point – totally amazing stuff. It’s a moving tale of a little girl staying with her dad in a piece of land which is cut off from the rest of the world – it’s their story of survival. What I don’t understand is – why they don’t move on with the rest of the world but then I guess the story won’t go forward, whatever. I am definitely going to cheer for the little girl on academy awards night, let’s see if she gets it with the solid competition this time around. The movie is worth one watch for sure – letting us know of the struggles people do to survive and fight for their home land which is being taken over by upcoming industries almost everywhere around the globe.

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (2012) - Hindi - Political Satire

I usually do not read reviews before watching a movie that I am looking forward to but in MKBKM’s case it was different – I read a lot of reviews and was shocked / surprised to see the mixed response it was getting – finally get to see it today. WOW – What a movie – Vishal Bhardwaj does it again and that too in style, starting from the weird warning at the very start – you get its meaning by the time movie ends. And kudos to him for putting such an important message in such simple way, totally loved it. Special mention should be made of the theory given by him in the movie – how money goes in the market and again they take it back in the form of shopping malls, multiplexes etc.

The biggest treat for me and for other movie lovers is awesome Pankaj Kapoor with damn good Shabana Azmi at their best. Their scenes together were a total treat – made me smile from ear to ear. Also, one moment you hate Pankaj and right next you love him, what transformation, like in the very first scene he takes the whole village to his own house and how it all changes by him taking a dip in the pool, only he could have pulled that scene and this movie the way he has done. Everything about him and how he takes up the whole idea with him is totally fundoo. My expectations went down quite a bit after disheartening reviews and I guess that’s why I end up loving it more. 20 minutes into the movie – I knew it I am going to love it. It’s a must watch for every one cause VB has made in such a way that even if you don’t get the message – you will like it as a commercial time pass movie at least, it will rock you on your seat with fun, and if you get the message – you will certainly agree and praise him. I will not spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet – go ahead – watch it! You will love it.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012) - Drama in real life

Here comes another fantastic movie by Kathryn Bigelow right after the grand success of “The Hurt Locker”, expectations as usual were way too high for her next outing and she satisfies her fans / critiques – big time. The story of History’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man – Osama Bin Laden. I have seen enough thrillers which actually made me skip a couple of heart beats but none gave me a heart attack till I got hold of this one. This gave me multiple heart attacks in 150 odd minutes run time – hats off to the Writer, Director, Cast and the whole team to put up such a fantastic movie giving us – how it all happened in great details, excellent is the word. I really wondered – how could they get all those details, those secret meetings, decisions, results etc – fantastic is the way they execute the whole plan. This was one of the most important lessons of history that got made in front of our eyes and our generation will never be able to get over the shock of 9/11 terrorist attack and its final outcome. The way world changed after that, other bombings and attacks after that. For someone who’ve been following the news since the 9/11 – a lot of it in the movie is predictable but the good part is – you don’t know the timing hence it shocks you.

The last 45 or so minutes of the movie were indeed the best shocking and thrilling part of the whole ride – outstandingly shot and presented. It kept me totally hooked and connected to the narrative as well as those news flashes and lines kept flashing in my memory – what we had read during (9/11), after and while Osama was killed - amazing attention to detail and a fantastic watch. If you like thrillers – you are going to love this one as this is straight out of the real life and a totally trust worthy account. I am sure Jessica is definitely picking up the best actor trophy and so will Kathryn be picking up a couple I guess. It’s a must must watch for all movie lovers.

Flight (2012) - Drama

A good movie was long due for Denzel Washington and this does just that to him, at least I loved it totally and I am sure – nobody and I mean nobody could have played this role the way he does with style and conviction. The first half hour you will be hooked to the action and rest of the movie – you will be sitting with clasped hands to see how it all ends and by the time it ends – you start loving his character so much so that you wish it had ended on a better note. That’s when you praise Robert Zemeckis (One of my favorite Directors – Forrest Gump / Castaway / Polar Express etc) and Denzel Washington – this looks like a cake walk for him. The way his character is written and played by him – it makes you debate the happenings in his favor, I saw it with a friend and we actually paused it – discussed it and replayed it. Fantastic story of a very experienced pilot, high on coke and alcohol who saves a screwed plane by crash landing it and saves 96/102 souls in it. What happens next is something you shouldn’t miss. I will give it a good two thumbs up and at least a minimum of 3 good stars. Seeing Denzel Washington coming back with a bang – straight an Academy Nomination is too good. Hope he recovers from here and signs up some more good ones than the crappy one’s we’d been watching for last one decade or so. This one shouldn’t be missed by anyone loving thrillers especially Denzy fans. You will love it, don’t miss it.

Cloud Atlas (2012) - Science Fiction

Another movie which reminded me of Chris Nolan to start with but derailed right in the first half hour itself with so much going on at a break neck speed that its too tough keeping the stock of the situation and six different stories spawning almost 500+ years with half a dozen Actors playing their own past, present and future. Trust me – it’s as confusing as that sentence sounds and to top it all – it’s almost three hours long with a very little that you will praise on Cinematography or Action front. Cloud Atlas became another of those rare movies which made me seek “Wiki’s” help to understand as what was actually going on. Unfortunately – it doesn’t connects in any form even after having a couple of my all time favorite actors like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. Although I was glad for one thing that I missed it on big screen – I am sure it wud’ve been a bigger torture otherwise. It doesn’t have nothing which will make me review it again, let me know if you’ve seen it, understood and liked it. No ways, I will recommend it to anyone. Skip it – if haven’t seen it yet.

The Impossible (2012) - Drama in real life.

Another based on a true story – disaster movie – something that we all witnessed not so long ago. Nothing exceptional here but a true story told in heart touching way. It really connects very well with the audience and you actually get shocked, surprised and elated with the ending. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor definitely play their characters too well but I guess nominative Naomi for Academy is a little too much – a definite No from me but otherwise movie is too good. Right from the very start till the very end – it keeps you glued to the screen. Check it out – if you haven’t seen it.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Drama

I love this Bradley Cooper guy big time since his “Hangover” days and what a fantastic movie cum opportunity to prove his worth with this one. Totally awesome movie with a damn good message – what a treat it was with Rob De Niro and Anupam Kher sharing screen space in one hell of a movie which gets half a dozen nominations at Academy. I am sure it will definitely pick up a couple if not for leads – now that’s something which is debatable as per me as I did like Jennifer Lawrence but couldn’t love it for some reasons. It’s a simple story of Pat (Bradley) suffering from Bipolar disorder, how his life gets screwed and how he works it out for himself, his family and friend, succeeding in the end is told in a damn good way. It was actually heartening to see how two people cut off by the sane society come together to rescue each other from their problems is totally rocking stuff. And the way Bradley and Jennifer played their parts was too good. Robert De Niro will always remain my favorite – he does again what he does in a way no one else can come any closer – the good part was even Anupam Kher gets quite a decent footage and is a very likeable character that remains etched in your memory. Dunno why Wiki is calling it a comedy / drama – I will certainly call it a drama cum thriller to say the least. not to be missed by anyone – it’s a must watch for all as it gives a damn good message – we should all learn in today’s time. Hope it gets its due at the Academy.

The Sessions (2012) - Drama in real life

If you have seen Javier Bardem’s “The Sea Inside” and loved it – you are definitely going to love this one too – big time. This was like taking “The Sea Inside” one step ahead – story of a poet who is paralyzed from neck down, hires a Sex Surrogate to lose his virginity. What happens next is a very detailed but heart touching account of the same, one that will make you smile, laugh, think and a lot of other emotions too.
The best part about the whole movie was the sessions between Mark O Brien (John Hawkes) the patient with Cherly (Helen Hunt) the sex surrogate, even his sessions with Father Brendan (William Macy) were too good – they will certainly rock you off your chair laughing.

PS: Being an American movie this has full frontal nudity as well as a couple of sex scenes – all done in good taste – yet it may be a little too much for some. So beware when and with whom you watch this with.

Les Miserables (2012) - Drama / Musical

Unfortunately Musicals were never my cup of tea – barring a very few movies – the best I saw and loved totally was “Mamma Mia” – ABBA being one of my favorite groups – no doubt it had that magic on me. Saw it so many times, loving it even more with every viewing. This unfortunately never worked for me, even after having a couple of my favorite actors like Hugh Jackman (I haven’t forgiven the X Men series makers for the fiasco in the last part), Russell Crowe, Anne Hathway (Cause of her even wifey saw it for like half hour) and my all time favorite comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. I had to see it because of them and the nomination at Academy but I never had a connect with the story or any of the characters and even the soundtrack wasn’t too pleasing – my personal opinion. No offence to anyone who got a better idea of the movie but for me it was quite a tedious watch. Dunno how academy is going to treat the nominations and I will be totally surprised if Hugh Jackman gets it – I so much want him to win it anyways. Give it a try – who knows it may appeal you. Yesterday I realized why my history teacher was cursing me as I gave no attention to her subject – I guess if I had given it a slight attention, who knows, this movie could have made more sense to me.